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Why Become A Yoga Teacher
I began yoga initially as a complimentary physical exercise to my normal fitness training and to improve my skills as a personal fitness trainer. However, over the past few years I have become disillusioned with training the physical body for the sake of looking good and even feeling good – it all seemed so empty, like a dog chasing its tail. It was at this time that I realized my physical training was actually an unconscious way to try heal myself from my depression and discontentment. As I explored this insight further I simultaneously went deeper into the realm of spirituality, which I had already developed an affinity towards due to my studies in psychology. Over time I started piecing together the connection between physical well-being and mental well-being, beyond what is most commonly ascribed to by the West. I then began to understand why yoga had come into my life, and why I was introduced to it by a friend who understood me and my journey - a rare gift indeed. Seeing the potential in yoga as a holistic philosophy and way of life, merely practicing it at a studio has become frustrating for me as this is offers only a taste of what yoga, of what life is about. And so completing this yoga course at Rishikesh Yog Peeth, I believe, is my gateway to not only healing myself, but a chance to begin fulfilling my responsibility of passing on (and giving back) the love that has supported me throughout my life.

- A Yogi from South Africa

Yoga has taught me to lead a balanced, disciplined and focused lifestyle. It has grounded me and allowed me to focus on spirituality and inner peace. I no longer want to pursue a career in business and I want to teach others the power of yoga and become a full time educator.

- A Yogini from United States

I would like to take this course not only to receive a teaching certificate and continue my yoga practice but to find a way to bring more relaxation into my life. Through this course I hope to further study the relationship between the body and mind and hope to better understand the connection between my own. I am also hoping this will help me achieve spiritual growth. Taking part in this program is very important to me because I plan to use it as a part of my college education. I would love to experience what Richikesh Yog Peeth has to offer!

A Yogini from United States

I want to attend this course because I find myself at a place in my life where I need to deepen my practice and, in turn, enrich the quality of my yoga instruction. It is important for me to keep seeking, to keep bettering myself. I have researched 500 hour teacher trainings and I am always drawn back to this program specifically. In fact, my research has led me to recommending you to my students who are interested in yoga teacher training.

A Yogini from United States

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