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A group for yoga lovers who are going to attend 200 or 500 hour yoga teacher training in India at yoga school Rishikesh Yog Peeth in February 2014. 

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Getting to know you

Hi everyone, my name is Amy and I will be attaining the 200hr YTTC this February! I think it would be great to get acquainted with everyone before we officially meet. I’m from the USA and live in San…Continue

Started by Amy Maloon Jan 20, 2014.

International Yoga Week 3 Replies

For those ladies who just can't get enough and feel that it would be oh so marvelous if you were stay another week and celebrate the International Yoga Week and submerge yourself into knew and…Continue

Started by Karen Michelle Hill. Last reply by Kahlin Clapham Nov 5, 2013.

Visas 7 Replies

Has anyone done this yet?I am slightly confused.(Is this where I want to be??? …Continue

Started by Jane Manchon. Last reply by Jane Manchon Oct 17, 2013.

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Comment by Solida Kolasinac on July 11, 2013 at 4:59am

Heather, I think the group idea is great!

Virginia, I hadn't really gotten that far into my planning. It would make sense to get more vaccinations but I am unsure if they are needed. The international health insurance is a really smart move and I hadn't even considered it! Definitely something I will look into.

About the flight, I like either plan. Traveling with a buddy just eases my mind =) When were you all thinking of getting tickets? I know it's super early still but if you have a general idea of when you are planning on booking your flight let me know.

I realize I just jumped into the conversation without telling anything about myself (besides for the fact that I am nervous about traveling alone haha). I am a grad student currently and a newbie when it comes to yoga. I practice daily and participate in  ashtanga, native, hot vinyasa flow and bikram.  I am open to trying more yoga styles but those are the ones that are offered in my little college town. I am so excited for this program and I agree Virginia, I am definitely a little nervous!

Comment by Heather Charlotte on July 11, 2013 at 3:10pm

I was just looking at tickets out of interest and found a non stop british airways flight from london to delhi for £485. I'm really tempted to book it! You gotta book really in advance or last minute to get a good deal. I'm also toying with the idea of staying in delhi for one night and then getting a flight to Dehradun the next day. Not sure whats best yet and how safe I would feel in delhi by myself. 

I posted a message on the yog peeth facebook page for others to join us. Would be good to get some people who have been before to give us some advice.

What does everyone else think? I'm usually a last minute type of gal but I'm thinking it may be best to book flights now and perhaps make decisions on meeting each other and how we are going to head down to rishikiesh? The drive is 6 hours, but the flight from delhi to Dehradun is less than an hour and it only cost like £25 which is about $40.

In regards to Vaccinations, I didn't get any when I went to Kerala but then that is just me. I hate to take medicines and Vaccines! I just googled this question and found this: 

No vaccinations are required for entry to India, except for yellow fever if you are coming from an infected area such as Africa. However, Hepatitis (both A and B, depending on your individual circumstances), meningitis and typhoid shots are recommended, as is a booster shot for tetanus.

Comment by Taylor Searcy on July 11, 2013 at 3:57pm

Hey everyone, I think Heather - and, well, everyone seems to agree - has a great idea of traveling from Delhi to Rishikesh together. The only problem is I won't know until several months from now. I am REALLY a newbie when it comes to yoga, and so far it looks like I'm the only guy in this Feb class (in this group at least). I finish my service in the Navy in a couple months, and then I will participate in a couple sustainable agricultural courses in California and Thailand. I plan on flying to Delhi from Bangkok, and I think I'd prefer to go straight to the school on arrival.

While I'm a definite novice at this, I whole-heartedly believe that yoga was meant for me. It fits my lifestyle and has made me feel more alive since I began earlier this year. It's hard being in the Navy with the work requirements and time on ships, but if you have any advice for ways to self-teach or great books I should read, please let me know!

Comment by Heather Charlotte on July 11, 2013 at 7:25pm

Don't worry Taylor, I am a complete newbie too! The course is designed for beginners anyway so no matter how experienced you are we all start off from the beginning! I try to go twice a week but sometimes don't make it. At first I was nervous about how experienced others might be too.  You could try taking a private lesson and getting the teacher to teach you a sequence you can remember and do alone and then expand on the sequence every few weeks. I know that private lessons are expensive but If you did that once a month it would cost you less than going to class regularly. You could try buying the yoga bible but I don't think reading or watching videos alone is great, you need the teacher to correct your postures so you can be sure you are doing them correctly. I would say the other ladies will have more advice for you.

The class sizes are 50 people so I'm sure there will be plenty of guys joining us!!

Comment by Diane Terrusa on July 11, 2013 at 9:19pm

Hi Everyone!

Heather: I tried mediating yesterday and my cat was having non of it. Kept trying to bite my shoulder! Hairy monster ;-)

I am absolutely flying to Dehradun/Jolly Grant Airport. The price and convenience is more then worth it to me. Even in the event of fog delays it will be so much quicker. Maybe some of us could meet up for the flight?! I'll be arriving in Delhi on January 29 and heading up to Rishikesh on February 1st. Would love to meet up with anyone during that time!

As far as vaccines, I have my Hep A and tetanus boosters done. May get typhoid just for the hell of it. Better safe then sorry. Don't forget bug spray too! I hadn't thought of travel health insurance! Will have to look into that..

I'm thinking of booking my flight next month. Prices have been pretty stable from the NYC area. I'm getting nervous they may go up soon!

Weird question for everyone: How do you plan to pack? Buy stuff there? I'm assuming my lululemon pants may not cut it here in terms of modesty! Also... I have a large roller bag that I use for all my travel but was wondering if a back pack may make more sense in this situation....Thoughts?

Oh! And I just realized I've never properly introduced myself! I'm Diane, native New Yorker, Actor/singer in theatre and commercials, married to the most wonderful man, one kitty cat. Been practicing yoga for about 5 years seriously. I'm embarking on this crazy journey for many reasons and I can't wait to get there and meet all of you! 

Comment by Jane Manchon on July 12, 2013 at 1:17am

Hi again everyone!

I never really introduced myself either. Jane here. I'm back in Houston (my hometown) after a year teaching English in Thailand and college in NY state. I'm currently a manager at a tutoring company teaching writing to a couple students and saving up money for my bright, shiny future life as a Reiki Master, Yoga Instructor, Writer, Artist/a million other things. I've been doing yoga since my freshman year of college, but never more than a couple times a week until recently. "Yoga Teacher" has always been on my list of possible future jobs and one day it hit me--what was I waiting for? For a future date. Why? So now I'm ready to fully incorporate it into the rest of my life, whatever else I choose to do. :-)

Like many of you, I wouldn't consider myself "advanced." I am nowhere close to sitting in lotus or doing the splits and my high school years of swimming competitively and playing water polo without proper stretching left me super tight. But I'm into it--and that's what counts!

PS Definitely down to work out a travel plan with others. With jet lag and culture shock in mind, I was prepared to pay the $85 for one-way travel Yog Peeth offers. We can probably get a much better deal working something out with multiple people. After I'm acclimated, I'll be open to travelling like the locals. :-)

Comment by Solida Kolasinac on July 12, 2013 at 1:51am

Taylor, no worries about being a newbie. It seems like we all are and it will be a good group to grow with.  I am really looking forward to it.

Jane, splits are impossible for me right now too (so are many other poses but splits are especially a work in progress for me!).

I currently live in Oklahoma and may need to catch a flight from here to India but like I said in a previous post, nothing is certain yet.

Diane I totally agree about the fear of flight prices going up! Right now they are pretty consistent. I am nervous to wait last minute to get a flight in the hopes that prices go down dramatically. I am hoping to buy my flight ticket at the end of August/ early September because by then the hubs and I will know where we will be living in Feb. which would make choosing a flight a lot easier.

Diane, the site mentions that white colored clothing is recommended which definitely means I will need to get new yoga attire because everything I have now is black, stretchy (like you said probably not the most modest thing) or bright colored. I was thinking of slowly collecting 5+ appropriate garments over this year that I could bring with me and switch out. I figure less is more in terms of packing for this trip. I am sure I will buy some items while there but that is my plan in terms of bringing a foundation of clothing. I want to respect the lighter and modest clothing they mention on the site.

P.S. I am SOOOOO happy that we are thinking about traveling as a group(s). That really does ease my mind and my families. =)

Comment by Jane Manchon on July 12, 2013 at 2:12am


Check out any nearby colleges. Usually they have cheaper classes if you can find out about them. Getting your postures corrected is really important. Lately, I've been doing yoga videos at home and go to class at my dance studio 1x/week for Piyolet (pilates, yoga, ballet) but she doesn't do much in the way of correction--or safety--I'm lucky I come from a strong foundation. I feel like I've taken enough classes to feel comfortable with videos, but still would like to find somewhere to go every two weeks or month to have my postures corrected. Ideally, I would go to a class everyday :-) but money is the thing. Part of why becoming a teacher will be amazing.

Comment by Jacqueline Carino on July 14, 2013 at 4:45am

Hello everyone! I'm Jacqueline and am SO excited that this group was made. It will be great to get to a few of you before heading to India. So I have a little catching up to do;

I'm from Canada! I've practised yoga off and on for years but after some recent big life changes and odd timing, I booked the trip to Rishikesh. So this year I began practising daily and I couldn't be more thankful for coming to this. It's where I'm meant to be. 

I've never been to India and a little concerned about travelling alone as well. Currently flights look to be about $1200 at the lowest. I haven't booked it yet as I just changed jobs and need to save up a bit of money. May book by Sept though. 

I was concerned about what to pack as well!! Thankfully I found a blog by a girl that just completed her training. She said we can plan not to feel clean for the whole 6 weeks lol She bought all her yoga clothes there for $1-2/item and left the clothes behind. Shes also told me about a restaurant we HAVE to try and a few foods! 

I might stay an extra week AFTER our course to do some travelling. Again the blogger told me about a trip she did with elephants and it looked amazing. However, I haven't entirely decided. If anyone was interested in planning something together, I'd love that! OH AND I CANT WAIT FOR HOLI!!!! :)


Oh and I have a website if you want to know more about me

Comment by Diane Terrusa on July 16, 2013 at 12:35am

Solida: Yes, white clothing....Uggg! LOL! It is so hard to keep things clean in India. Especially white! We are going to have to find a very good dhobi whalla! ;-) I'll probably bring a few of my pieces from here (yoga bras, etc) and buy everything else. 

Hi Jacqueline! Welcome to our little group! I can't wait for Holi too! :-D 

I just want to say I'm SO happy I decided to do this course in the winter because it's 96 degrees (35c) in NYC at the moment. I'd die doing yoga in this :-P


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