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Four Effective Yoga Tips To Apply In 2015

American yoga teacher and author Richard Hittleman once said, “The yogi will tell you that you feel and look as young as your spine is elastic.”  …

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Death Embraced

Yoga Teacher Training India Something that keeps puzzling me is that at (least in the west) physical death is treated as a possibility; something that may happen if we're extremely unlucky, if we don't keep your blood pressure in check, eat enough vegetables and exercise three times a week. Or if we're stupid enough to drink and drive, bicycle without a helmet, walk down a dark alley at 2 am or drive faster than the speed limit. Then death may happen, otherwise it is simply…

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Never mind the crowd

Yoga Teacher Training India I don't know who I am. After the creation of the pancha pranas I descended into my mother's womb as nothingness, just a mere seed of potential.

The years that followed, as my body and mind developed I accumulated emotions, prejudices, fears, concepts from my surrounding; copied and pasted the opinions of my surrounding unto my own self... creating a personality, something to call me in this physical existence. Something to cling to, to identify with and…


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Is goodness a requirement for enlightenment?

Yoga Alliance Teacher Training India Is so called good moral values a requirement for spiritual progress? Or is it an obstacle? Or perhaps just a natural consequence of a heightened state of being, of spiritual development... something that follows rather than precedes? Breaking through the illusion of right and wrong can be a challenge for many seekers. I'm not talking about right and wrong from the heart, but about right and wrong from the mind. Does goodness based on a concept of morality, an idea of duality where…


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Truth; an ever changing story

Lately I have thought a lot about truth. I'm often being told that I am inconsistent, that I change my mind too often. For me it is perfectly natural to be ever-changing. How can I stay rigid in a life experience that is ever floating, moving like the Ganga?  How can I with my limited human understanding…


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Am I needed?

Yoga Teacher Training India The other day I visited the restroom at one of the newly built shopping malls in Stockholm, which left me utterly confused. In spite of what I consider to be at least average intelligence, I couldn't figure out how to flush the toilet nor how to wash my hands! With embarrassment I looked around for buttons to press or strings to pull to get the water going, but there was nothing there except for sophisticated restroom interior of supposedly exclusive design. About to give up I…

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Moving beyond pain...

The lake lies still and quiet in the morning mist. A pale sun is climbing the gray sky and our steps on the deck are the only sound breaking the silence. We stop and look at the sun which has been absent for so long, concealed behind a thick veil of gray clouds for months now. I don't think I've ever looked at our…


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Erase & Rewind...

Walk back! Every night walk back and become anew... This is a technique from Vigyan Bhairav Tantra which I would like to share with you - because it works!

Every day, no matter how tranquile your life may be, the brain gathers a lot of information and stores it; just like a USB-stick, but all of this…


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I have a dream

What if everything was a dream? Is a dream? What if every second of all the moments up until now was only a dream? 

This is one of the meditation techniques in Vigyan Bhairav Tantra. Detachment from past and from future. It sounds so easy, doesn’t it? Being in the…


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almost time

Hello fellow yogis!!! Our journey is almost approaching! Everyone getting excited? Im flying from Alberta Canada and will be on a flight from Narita Japan! I know there is few people with this flight let me know! Safe travels see you all soon!

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She wolf

The tea has gone cold in our cups. The café is buzzing around us, people coming and going, eating and drinking and we are sitting in our own cocoon of understanding; the kind of cocoon weaved between two kindred spirits when connectivity is established beyond age, background or gender. No, we are not two lovers...…


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Yoga Retreats in India

Whether you want to practice yoga or simply want to go on a yoga holiday, India is a popular place to head to. There are plenty of yoga retreats in India to choose from. With most of them spread across India and open for the better part of year, going for yoga in India is an experience like no other. Here is a look at some of the well-known yoga retreats in this expansive country.

Ananda in the Himalayas.

Located in the tranquil foothills of the Himalaya, close to…


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Is humanity wasted on you?

Are you worthy of your humanity? Because let's face it; residing at the top of the foodchain on planet earth is something you take for granted, isn't it? You were born into superiority and you never ever question it. But what if your humanity was taken away from you, unless you managed it properly?

As I see it,…


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A time to love and a time to kill...

The evening was warm and serene. Shy stars were peeking down from the infinite darkness above and we were gathered at the master's feet. His melodic voice was breaking the silence as he said: "A master is not so different from a butcher, isn't it? He must bring something up lovingly, but when the time comes he…


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One hell of a mind...

Yoga Teacher Training India I step outside. The palm trees are gently swaying in the light breeze. The flowers are bursting with the sweet, heavy fragrance of the south. Birds are chatting to each other in the lush, green bushes and rays of sun are warming my skin as my bare feet enjoy the touch of the cool stone paving beneath them. The world is doing fine... no, it's doing better than excellent! Another day in paradise has come for us to enjoy here at the ashram, where only the sound of mantra chanting is…


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The Lives Unlived

Yoga Teacher Training India Yoga Alliance Almost on the day one year ago, I was sitting at my favorite café, Costa Coffee at Doha international airport in Qatar. I had decided to leave India and return to the second closest city in my heart; Barcelona in Spain. So I was sitting there, chilling out and casually checking the latest Facebook activity when I suddenly felt it was time to go to the gate. Reluctantly I gathered my things and went over to the gate, just to be informed that I was too late and the plane had already…


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Who knows?

Yoga Teacher Training India Knowledge is power... so we must be very careful with what we accept as knowledge, as truth. Perhaps it is better to only know one truth for certain than allow a million assumptions to live in your mind? Question everything! Challenge everything! Be a human, not a parrot.

My grandmother was a lovely woman who lived a very protected life for 98 years and had little experience of anything that didn't include the household, her husband and her children. But she was thought of…


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Member of the tribe of Life

Yoga Teacher Training Rishikesh - India "The immigration must stop! We're taking on too many and we hardly have enough to maintain our own standard. Other countries should accept some refugees as well..."   The man takes a sip of coffee and the other man continues:

"Indeed. I mean, look at Denmark... they don't accept as many as we do! Why should we take responsibility for all these people when the unemployment among our own youth is…


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Transcending the illusions of society

Yoga Teacher Training India Nowadays, I have no interest in society. Instead I have interest in life and these two have nothing to do with each other, as I have come to understand the past year. Society is a product of the mind, while life is a manifestation of the soul, but we are hypnotized into believing that the rules of society, the concepts of society have something to do with life. The worship of society is probably the most widespread religion on the planet right now. Most of us are in deep sleep and…


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