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Holi the festival that rocks with colours


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Gurus, Faith & Destiny... Techniques to Surrender

Yoga Teacher Training in India As we proceed on the path of life, we are inevitably faced with the question of who or what is running this divine show. This is the starting point for all spiritual seekers: ”Who?” and ”Why”? and then ”How?”. If we don’t ask those question we cannot embark on a spiritual journey. Since I have been quite young, I’ve been to fortune tellers and since I came to India I have also visited astrologers, palm readers and psychics. I was desperate to know and yet frightened by the thought…


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Sunrise over Delhi

Yoga Teacher Training India The sun is rising over Delhi, turning the smoggy air into shimmering amber. The airport floor is polished into mirror-like perfection, over which we all pull our baggage carts. Dubai, London, Helsinki… destinations and digits on big screens.

I don’t know why, but airports give me a kick and so do train stations?! I feel an almost adrenaline-like rush by the very energy of the travelers going all over the world. Where are they going? What is ending and what is…


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So... how is that working for you?

Yoga Teacher Training India 200 Hour How do we know if what we are believing in actually serves us and our spiritual growth? Because to be honest, it seems like a bad idea to believe in concepts or ideas which aren’t working, right? The world is a basket of different beliefs, which you can pick and choose from, so how you see the world depends on which goggles you put on. In my view and with my level of understanding; spirituality is completely meaningless unless it is transformed into practicality. In lovely…


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just wondering......

Hey everyone,

i was thinking it would be nice if everyone who has already been to Yog peeth for teacher training add their positive experiences, maybe life changes experiences that have happened to them since they got back to their reality, ....for me i work in a ladies fitness centre in Qatar and I have had alot of great Yoga teaching opportunities, i had Uni students call me to ask for help with their studies on Yoga, i got a contract to work with the museum authority in Qatar…


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Tantric by nature

Yoga Teacher Training India - Rishikesh After a few years on the path of yoga, I have made the somewhat shocking discovery that I may be more of a tantric by nature, than a yogini. The word tantra means technique and is not concerned with the why of things, but with the how. It is not occupied with what is truth but how the truth can be attained and understood through different techniques. Tantra is not concerned with morality at all and therefore is refreshingly non-judgemental in…


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At Fawlty Towers in India

Yoga Teacher Training India - Blog Today is one of those days when India makes me laugh and cry at the same time… Nothing works but everything is possible, rules are made to be broken, everyone is driving on the wrong side of the road and my hotel makes Fawlty Towers look like the Sheraton. I can’t help but be madly in love with India… every time I’m sad and thinking of getting on the next flight ”back to civilization”, India compells me again. The manager on the hotel where I’m staying appears to be…


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What You See Is What You Get

Yoga Teacher Training India - RishikeshMirror, mirror on the wall… who’s the fairest of them all?”.


My relationship to Rishikesh and to the path of yoga is a love-story. Not only because romantic love has been a big part of my life here, but because of my relationship to the town and the path itself. Some weeks I see magic everywhere; in the smiles of shopkeepers, the ”namaste’s” from strangers, the warm wind or the glowing stars at night… Sometimes it seems as if every tree has sprung from the…


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Born this way!

Yoga Teacher Training India "Excuse me, ma’am… if you have a scarf, could you please cover yourself? This is an ashram and we have a dress commandment here” the plump woman in her mid-forties looks me up and down, obviously very content with herself for reprimanding a sinner in a sleeveless top in front of her two virtuous colleagues. I was in a joyful mood, so I just shrugged and said: ”Sure! I’m just passing through here, but next time I will keep it in mind…” but as I walked off I asked…


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