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Have no Attitude

Yoga Teacher training India Today I would like to bring up the topic of attitude. Not about having a positive attitude, not about the power of mind, but of the benefit of sometimes having no attitude. I have had an attitude towards things and people all my life.

Attitude is something that helps shape both the ego (-) and our unique expression (+), so as we grow up we need to have an attitude. We need to decide where we’re going what we like, what we don’t like, to mold our lives into how we want…


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If I could turn back the clock one year, what would I do at this precise moment? I would have lunch at Krishna Cottage with some friends from my TTC, unknowing of what would lie ahead. The wonderful guys working in the kitchen would be carrying out pots and trays with steaming vegetables, dall and rice. Some students would sit in silence, contemplating Roshan’s philosophy lecture, others would be preparing for going down to Ganga for a bath or going shopping in Ram Jhula or Laxman…


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Living a Miraculous Life

Yoga Teacher Training India What is the key to having a miraculous life? A life where we are constantly surprised by unexpected positive events or experiences? Miracles happen all the time, all over the world to every one of us, almost on a daily basis. There’s really nothing extraordinary about miracles, it just about whether we notice them or not. Whether we allow our mind to see the natural becoming supernatural and the supernatural becoming natural.

It is in our mind that we determine what we…


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Immensity in the Undefined

Yoga Teacher training India It is said that love is oneness and everyone who has truly loved knows the feeling. I’m not talking about lust or romance but of real, deep love that has been through the journey of disappointment, anger, anger, sadness and come through to the other side with deeper understanding. Love becomes complicated because we confuse relationships with love and we always try to squeeze love into a relationship box and put a label on it, define it and rule it. But love cannot be defined,…


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From Parklife to India

Yoga Teacher Training India - Blog Almost everyone would like to travel long distances in order to get away from their regular life, gain a new perspective, relax and have time to listen to one's inner self. One's hobby sometimes determines the travel destination.

Some are curious about old civilizations and prefer to visit places like Rome, Egypt, the Yucatan Peninsula.  A penguin lover would love to go Antarctica – it costs $10,000 and warm fish soup is included. When it comes to the yoga…


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Life goes on

Yoga Certification India Today I read a quote: ”In three words I can sum up everything I’ve learnt about life: It goes on”. This made me smile, because I agree. Whatever happens to us, life goes on. We may choose to linger in the past, lick our wounds and pamper our wounded pride… but life doesn’t care; like Ganga, she keeps on moving… and waits for no one.


When I was younger and suffered from a broken heart or some other disappointment, my mum used to say that ”Honey, time heals…


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