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The Human Navigation System

Science of Yoga The pause between inhalation and exhalation in yoga is often called ”the small death” and can be likened to the pause between exhalation of what we don’t want and inhalation of what we do want. As may have been obvious in my blog post on The Purpose of Discontentment, I have the past weeks been in a state of dissatisfaction and now that the source has been…


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Billy the Brave

Courage in Life Twelve days ago I boarded the flight from Doha to Delhi. Having already travelled for twelve hours, I was less than amused to find a guy in my pre-booked seat.

”Excuse me... I believe this is my seat?” I said with slight irritation. The guy looked up at me, then at his boarding pass and moved to the center seat with a sigh. As the plane took off he turned to me: ”So… what brings you to India?”. Now, I am not a talkative person when I am flying. I like to…


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Yogi Cockfight

Yogi Cockfight Being a pilgrim on the path of yog is different for every devotee. There is no right or wrong path to enlightenment and divinity as long as the path you’re on does it for you. But the path of yog is not free from ego, as it is walked by humans.

Here, in the capital of yoga, people from all over the world come to practise asanas and meditation, but equally many seem to come to show to themselves or others that they’re in the path of yog. Going to Mecca, the…


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Life Waits for No One

The grass is dying under my bare feet. The apples on the trees outside my grandmother’s kitchen window are blushing pink and the familiar autumn chill can be felt in the wind. Children are growing, elders are dying and Tellus keeps circling in its orbit, the man in the moon watching us with his Mona Lisa smile as the heartbeat of the universe is throbbing in my core. The stars, glimmering like diamonds in the sky may have burned out thousands of years ago… and yet their light still…


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Making a Living

I am walking off the Laxman Jhula bridge and continue down the main street. Everywhere shop-keepers are calling for my attention: ”Namasté, madam! Please come inside and have a look…” but I smile and shake my head, passing them. I overhear some American women ahead of me complaining about how you’re constantly approached by people wanting to sell things and that they start off asking for 500 rupees when you end up buying it for 200. I can see where they’re coming from in a…


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Escaping Eden for Paradise

”Wait! One moment, madam!”. The taxi driver steps on the break and we stop on the dusty road between two green fields of sugar canes. Excited as a little boy he runs down into the ditch and vigorously starts pulling up a sugarcane, which he brings back to the car, looking triumphant and smiling from ear to ear like a child as he hands over the cane to me. ”Your country no sugar?” he asks in disbelief when I try to explain that I’ve never chewed on a sugar cane before.…


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Small Men Cast Long Shadows...

The sun is bleeding in the evening sky, hanging just above the horizon like a giant ball of fire. Beneath the descending plane lies an ocean of sand, seemingly endless and so different from the pattern of forests and lakes which I left six hours ago. Stepping off the plane is like walking into a wall of heat and humidity dense with an energy I can’t put my finger on… secrets and concealed desires maybe?

I briskly walk through the security check and head up to Costa…


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Asking and Receiving

“If you don’t ask, you don’t get”, Gandhi said.

Learning how to ask for what you desire is absolutely critical for getting the life you want. And yet it is so difficult. I have been struggling with it all my life, personally! Because we are raised to believe that it…


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I Want It All

I was sitting at the bus stop yesterday and for once I’d forgotten my earphones at home, so I couldn’t listen to music as I usually do. On the bench next to me sat two young girls, around the age of ten. Their feet were dangling above the ground, they bursted into smittering laughters every once in a while and they were in their happy bubble, unaware of the surrounding world. Since I had nothing better to do, I was listening to their…


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