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I feel you

India Yoga Teacher Training ”I feel you”, how many times don’t we say that? Me and my close friends say it all the time… and I believe we genuinely feel what the other person is going through, may it be pleasure or pain. Unless you’re a sociopath, empathy is part of the emotional register of every human. But what is it and how does it work? How come we can empathy with some situations and not others? Scientific experiments on monkey may hold a clue to the answer.


By chance (as…


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Celestial Connectivity

Yoga Teacher Training Rishikesh India "Three things cannot be long hidden; the sun, the moon and the truth."- Buddha


The ancient Egyptians worshipped the sun in the name of the god Amun or Ra. The ancient Aztecs, Mayans and Zapotecs even sacrificed humans to their Sun God and in Scandinavia, during the Bronze Age, sun worship was practiced as well. In fact the celebration of Midsummer in Sweden is an ancient pagan ritual, devoted to the sun and still practiced - although its origin is…


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Some Die Young

200-hour yoga teacher training india A couple of days back I was sitting on a terrace, close to the Ram Jhula bridge. The afternoon sun was starting to set and I were having a chat with a woman I’ve met a few times through her beauty saloon. As I came walking towards Laxman Jhula, she waved me up to come and sit with her for a while. As we were talking about Rishikesh-life and how the tourist season had been a disappointment so far, a woman passed on the road below. She was slightly hunchbacked and her hair grey like…


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Saints, Sinners & Freedom

Yoga Teacher Training Rishikesh, India

I don't agree with your opinion but I would die for your right to express it”


Today, reading the online Swedish newspaper, one of the articles which caught my interest was an article on the topic of relationships and the headline read :”Three couples breaking the relationship norm”. First of all; are there any norms for human…


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Yoga & Quantum Physics

Yoga Teacher Training Rishikesh India One of the most interesting things to me is when ancient myths and beliefs can be explained by modern science. I know, one should believe unconditionally, but I somehow have a problem doing that. There’s always that question ”Why?” or ”How?”.  What is actually happening? One of the most exciting fields for explaining energy (one of my favorite topics) is quantum physics.

Unfortunately, I don’t have the patience nor the brains to have a career in that field…


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Asanas & Energy Leakage

Yoga Asana and Energy Yesterday I was attempting a spinal twist. My right arm was reaching over the left knee and in underneath the left thigh, the right hand aiming to lock fingers with the left hand’s fingers. It is normally not a big issue, but for some reason I couldn’t do it yesterday. My back was aching from the previous day’s Scorpion-practice and my hamstrings felt blue with inner bruises. I felt like a hundred years old and yet I forced myself to roll out my yoga mat and get on with my…


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Is Resurrection a Choice or a Miracle?

Resurrection One year ago, a young woman crashes with her car in Denmark and is severely wounded. Three days after the accident, the doctors informed the family of that her brain was so damaged that if she ever woke up she would be in the state of a vegetable. This raised the question of donating her organs after her passing and the family agreed. At this point the doctors stopped giving her medication and stopped the brain drainage. The respirator was shut off and the family started preparing…


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Baba don't preach

Yoga and Spirituality in Rishikesh ”Do you believe in God?”, my friend asked me the other day with an almost comically serious facial expression, as if this was somehow a crucial moment for the future of our friendship. A moment of silence followed, in which the stirring of the spoon in my teacup suddenly seemed to sound like thunder and I felt as if I was answering a million dollar question.

When someone asks you if you believe in God, you know for sure that you have a missioner in front of you.…


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Insatiability of a Runner

rishikesh yoga

”Do you ever feel that, no matter what you acquire or achieve in your life, there’s still something missing?”


This morning I was sitting in the peaceful oasis of the Pyramide Café in Rishikesh, sipping on a glass of Kombucha-tea and as my eyes took in the first sentence of the book I was holding, I wanted to jump out of my chair and scream: ”Yes! Yes, sir ! That’s me!”.



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D'you want a piece of me?

Rishikesh I have a passionate love affair with Rishikesh and as always with passion there are ups… and downs. Some days I swear I’ll never leave her and other days I’m ready to get on the next flight to Europe.

Today was one of those days; I spent half the day in a hot taxi with an ancient taxi driver (a miracle he had a license!), who would fit perfectly at the mummy department of any prestigious international museum and who on top of refusing to put on the AC (unless I…


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