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November 2012 Blog Posts (6)

Gift from Ganesh

Yoga Teacher Training India Rishikesh Strolling along the Ganga-road from Ram Jhula to Laxman Jhula yesterday, I suddenly heard someone calling my name. Somewhat surprised I spun around to see a little boy running up behind me and I recognized him as Ganesh, the oldest son of the poor woman I wrote about in the By the river Ganga-post. He caught his breath and asked me where I was going? I said I was going home and…


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Bonding across time and space

Yoga Teacher Training India - Rishikesh During five days in August 1973, a hostage drama took place in Stockholm during the armed robbery of one of the banks. During five days, some of the employees where held captive by the robbers and this created a term called the Stockholm syndrome. This can be described as a psychological phenomenon where the hostage develops empathy, loyalty and affection for the captivator and eventually starts viewing the police as the enemy. Besides being interesting from a hostage…


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Turning Your Passion for Yoga into a Career

Many people go through their lives with the feeling that they are not on the right path, and that they are helpless to change it. This is not the case, as we all have the ability to alter our life paths and to live out a fulfilling and rewarding lifestyle. This is by no means an easy feat if you have financial obligations such as a mortgage or loan to repay, however this does not mean that it is not the right decision to make.If you have a passion for yoga and you feel a deep physical and…


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Second chakra empowerment through giving

Yoga Teacher Training India Rishikesh Living in India, one soon gets accustomed to beggars and somehow Rishikesh wouldn't be the same without them. As a foreigner, one is often warned that people are interacting with you because they somehow want money from you and it is true that at the bottom of most chais lie some sort of proposal, either blunt or subtle. But what has started to intrigue me is why we are so sensitive to it? When people ask us for money, whether 10 rupees or 1000 rupees, we react as if they’re…


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By the river Ganga...

Yoga Teacher Training India Rishikesh Yesterday I went down to the Ganga, looking forward to a meditative afternoon after an hours facial treatment. The November sky was hazy and my handbag stuffed with a thermos of green tea, dark chocolate and my journal. The sand was soft and warm and some young boys were swimming in the chilly water, splashing water at each other and cracking jokes. In many ways, it was a perfect afternoon and I had barely sat down before a little girl came up, offering me flowers to offer to…


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Altruism - our true nature?

Yoga Teacher Training India Rishikesh It becomes more and more evident that humanity is a species misinterpreted. The question is no longer to be or not to be, but what to be? Perhaps are the eternal questions: ”What are we and what are we doing here?”more relevant than ever? Is there a possibility that we need to re-think what it means to be human and that a lot of what we’ve been told about our species is simply not true?


As I wrote in…


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