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Who knows?

Yoga Teacher Training India Knowledge is power... so we must be very careful with what we accept as knowledge, as truth. Perhaps it is better to only know one truth for certain than allow a million assumptions to live in your mind? Question everything! Challenge everything! Be a human, not a parrot.

My grandmother was a lovely woman who lived a very protected life for 98 years and had little experience of anything that didn't include the household, her husband and her children. But she was thought of…


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Member of the tribe of Life

Yoga Teacher Training Rishikesh - India "The immigration must stop! We're taking on too many and we hardly have enough to maintain our own standard. Other countries should accept some refugees as well..."   The man takes a sip of coffee and the other man continues:

"Indeed. I mean, look at Denmark... they don't accept as many as we do! Why should we take responsibility for all these people when the unemployment among our own youth is…


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Transcending the illusions of society

Yoga Teacher Training India Nowadays, I have no interest in society. Instead I have interest in life and these two have nothing to do with each other, as I have come to understand the past year. Society is a product of the mind, while life is a manifestation of the soul, but we are hypnotized into believing that the rules of society, the concepts of society have something to do with life. The worship of society is probably the most widespread religion on the planet right now. Most of us are in deep sleep and…


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Anahata chakra - keeper of our spiritual seed.

Yoga Teacher Certification India The other day I was talking to a good friend, discussing life in general. We were talking about spirituality, love, relationships and about choices we have made which has lead us to where we are now. Somewhere along the way, the chance to option-out dissolved like dew in sunlight; leaving only one road to walk, one desire to reach, one realization to transform it all: spiritual evolution. It made me curious… when did this happen? How? Why? Was there a particular choice or even a…

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Managing being human

One month from now, I will install myself at the Isha Foundation’s ashram in Coimbatore, ready to attend Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev’s Inner Engineering Program. In the Philippines, thousands of people are dying as the typhoon has destroyed everything in its path. This is not the work of the devil,…


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Kill the dreams and let life in

Between the hills and valleys of our lives there are moments of indifference. When our dreams have been shattered, our hearts have been broken and we have not yet gathered the strength to start climbing the next hill, build another dream or heal our heart. The pause between inhalation and exhalation, a state of no-mind where there are no words for neither asking questions or giving answers; only silence remains. There, we can…


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mr. John

there is someone by the name of Mr.John  who is sending out messages in our group, has anyone received any of these emails. I do not think he belongs there...

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