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December 2013 Blog Posts (3)

A time to love and a time to kill...

The evening was warm and serene. Shy stars were peeking down from the infinite darkness above and we were gathered at the master's feet. His melodic voice was breaking the silence as he said: "A master is not so different from a butcher, isn't it? He must bring something up lovingly, but when the time comes he…


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One hell of a mind...

Yoga Teacher Training India I step outside. The palm trees are gently swaying in the light breeze. The flowers are bursting with the sweet, heavy fragrance of the south. Birds are chatting to each other in the lush, green bushes and rays of sun are warming my skin as my bare feet enjoy the touch of the cool stone paving beneath them. The world is doing fine... no, it's doing better than excellent! Another day in paradise has come for us to enjoy here at the ashram, where only the sound of mantra chanting is…


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The Lives Unlived

Yoga Teacher Training India Yoga Alliance Almost on the day one year ago, I was sitting at my favorite café, Costa Coffee at Doha international airport in Qatar. I had decided to leave India and return to the second closest city in my heart; Barcelona in Spain. So I was sitting there, chilling out and casually checking the latest Facebook activity when I suddenly felt it was time to go to the gate. Reluctantly I gathered my things and went over to the gate, just to be informed that I was too late and the plane had already…


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