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Yoga Teacher Training IndiaThe other day I visited the restroom at one of the newly built shopping malls in Stockholm, which left me utterly confused. In spite of what I consider to be at least average intelligence, I couldn't figure out how to flush the toilet nor how to wash my hands! With embarrassment I looked around for buttons to press or strings to pull to get the water going, but there was nothing there except for sophisticated restroom interior of supposedly exclusive design. About to give up I suddenly moved my hands in a way which made the sensor react and the water finally started flushing. Needless to say, I was relieved...

A couple of years ago, my mum bought an automatic hoover that is supposed to go around the house and hoover up dust by itself when you're not there (pre-programmed), but unfortunately she never managed to figure out how to change the filter so she never used it more than once or twice. The modern TV senses which kind of programs we watch and suggest programs to us within that specific category, that it imagines is our preference. I can order food or clothes online and have it delivered to my doorstep and save hours of shopping. Every car or phone has a GPS-function, so we never have to bother ourselves with finding out how to get where we are going or ask another human being for help.

Digital yoga classes to be watched at the gym or online are getting increasingly popular. And I am starting to ask myself: if I wasn't on the spiritual path, would I even be needed to run my own life?? Would my life miss me if I was gone? The answer to that will undoubtedly in a few years will be a clear and loud: "NO!". "Thanks for your service, but your life has no need for you anymore! Move on, please!"

The technical development is fantastic, because by reducing the amount of time we spend on cleaning, cooking, washing etc. we make available more time for contemplation, meditation, time with friends and family etc. But is that really what most people do with the precious time they save? I dare to say: absolutely not.

With too much free time and not enough spirituality, the mind becomes bored and turns to perversion. The energy needs to be directed somewhere and if it's not directed inwards it is bound to be directed outwards. I genuinely believe that the disturbance we see today is partly caused by misdirected energy. For some people it simply has never occurred  to direct it inwards and we are at the moment creating societies (especially in the western world) where we are not needed for the its maintenance. Don't you think this is frightening?! Not to say unintelligent to make sure we are not needed?

Given that humanity as a whole had risen to a higher level of consciousness, this technical development would have been natural and welcomed, but as it is now we have placed a loaded gun in the hands of an ignorant child. I see more and more people spending time on navel-gazing and complete nonsense! One doesn't have to be a professional crystal ball gazer to understand that creating a society which have no real need for human resources is full speed in the wrong direction. We can't feed ourselves without the jobs we are efficiently removing, sacrificing at the altar of comfort & convenience. We don't know how to hunt, how to grow crops, how to build a about chopping off the hand which feeds you!

When I was a child the bus driver used to call out the name of the stops, sell tickets, stamp them and answer the passengers questions. Today he is just sitting there, like a statue with dead eyes watching the traffic ahead of him. The name of the stops are displayed on a monitor and the people are pressing their bus passes against a machine instead of showing them to him. Nobody looks at him and he looks at nobody. Why is he there, I wonder? If everything else is made automatic, why not also create an automatic bus driver who will never drink and drive nor cross the speed limit? They say it is for increased comfort and safety but we are paying the price of losing our humanity, losing valuable opportunities of human interaction. Is it worth it? 


Jenny Kristina

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