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Yoga Asana and EnergyYesterday I was attempting a spinal twist. My right arm was reaching over the left knee and in underneath the left thigh, the right hand aiming to lock fingers with the left hand’s fingers. It is normally not a big issue, but for some reason I couldn’t do it yesterday. My back was aching from the previous day’s Scorpion-practice and my hamstrings felt blue with inner bruises. I felt like a hundred years old and yet I forced myself to roll out my yoga mat and get on with my practice… I had to use a strap to reach, which quite honestly felt like a failure. Suddenly, unexpected rage hot as magma filled me and I just screamed right out in frustration and then burst into tears. This doesn’t make sense at all, does it? But this is somehow what asana does; it connects you with suppressed emotions and tells you with painful honesty whether you have enough energy running through your system or not.

Sore hamstrings are not caused by too many forward bends or downward dogs, but an indication of that you have borrowed too much energy from the cell tissue, in order to finance thoughts and emotions that are non-profitable for you. You’re living on credit, basically! Where there’s energy or prana, pain is absent as energy lubricates our bodies and works like petrol...

There’s no use driving a Lamborghini if you don’t have sufficient air in the tires, right?

When there’s pain it is because you don’t have enough energy to finance what you are doing. The work you’re doing, the relationship you’re in, your social network etc. is taking more energy than it is giving, to be crude. This is why it is so important for everyone to become smart energy-bankers. We need to make energetic and emotional investments that always… always, without exception… are energetically profitable. We need to earn energetic interest in order to run our lives successfully, fulfill dreams and reach goals. We can’t do that if we are constantly in a state of debt.

Since a couple of months back, my health has not been what it should be, nor what I’m used to and it has begun to bother me. Yesterday, the realization crashed down on me during meditation; that it is because I am leaking gallons of energy every single day. Having worked with the psycho somatic cause of diseases and energy for 2-3 years, I am profoundly embarrassed that I didn’t discover this sooner, but it’s all too easy to become blind when it’s yourself you’re looking at.

I made non-profitable energy investments and gradually began to borrow precious energy from my own cell tissue, which is why I am constantly sore these days, feeling like a 90 year old! The fact that I couldn’t reach in the spinal twist and the fury I experienced because of it, told me that this is not about the asana at all… this is about something else in my life and that asana is just mirroring my psyche. What is it in my life that I can’t access right now? That I can’t reach? What causes this fury and frustration? Once I deal with that which is the real cause, I am certain that I can perform that asana confidently without problem. Asanas use the body as a tool to show you what is going on inside and behind the scene. If you experience an almost painful sensation in your chest when inhaling deeply during Cobra or Upward Facing Dog it is a message that something in your life is suffocating you. Who is trying to control you? Or who are you trying to control? Do you have enough freedom to breathe deep and with relaxation?

The purpose of asanas is to be able to sit in meditative postures for longer periods of time, right? But before we can enter into meditation we need to ”clean out our closets” and be emotionally and energetically ready to take it to the next level. In Christianity, greed is one of the seven deadly sins… but when it comes to our energy, our life force…we need to be a bit greedy and ask ourselves which thoughts, emotions and actions deserve to be invested in? Taking out energetic credit is one of the most expensive loans you can take, with a sky high interest to pay back… so think twice and invest wisely!


Jenny Wickman
Asana Teacher & Nutritional Therapist


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