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Yoga Teacher Training India - RishikeshDuring five days in August 1973, a hostage drama took place in Stockholm during the armed robbery of one of the banks. During five days, some of the employees where held captive by the robbers and this created a term called the Stockholm syndrome. This can be described as a psychological phenomenon where the hostage develops empathy, loyalty and affection for the captivator and eventually starts viewing the police as the enemy. Besides being interesting from a hostage behavioral perspective it is interesting to apply to human life in general!


We can curse and mutter as much as we like over someone or something, but when a third party expresses criticism we all of a sudden flip over and get defensive. Why? Is it loyalty or is it defending ourselves and our choices… or an unknown bond that appears to be random? And what does it look like energetically to bond with an idea or a person that we really want to criticize, but instead become attached to and defend?

From where do we finance it? I believe that all attachments and all addictions belong to the first three chakras. In case of the Stockholm syndrome it would definitely be a first and second chakra attachment, involving a temporary tribal arrangement (1st chakra) and power (2nd chakra). The human need to bond is so strong that we even set out to bond with the enemy when left with no other choice! We create tribes no matter where we are or what we do. Schools, prisons, offices, ashrams…it is done everywhere! Clan-building seems to be as important now as it was when we were living in caves and hunting mammoths!


Today I had past life regression for the first time, which was a wonderful experience that I recommend everyone. It was fascinating to see how we bring our clan with us from one life to another, but in different constellations… talk about bonds across time and space! I found out that my good friend used to be my brother, another friend a priest in the village I lived in and my ex-boyfriend my father. One may of course be skeptical and the rational part of the brain is probably having a fit… and I have no explanation to where this information was downloaded from, but nevertheless I saw it and furthermore… felt it.


The experience in itself was very similar to yoga nidra, where you connect entirely to the subconscious mind but with the bonus of traveling back and forth in time and seeing the past… and the future. When you do that, you realize how small and insignificant all conflicts and quarrels are in the bigger picture. The wheel of karma keeps spinning without mercy and all we should invest our precious energy in is healing and bonding. We know this intuitively which I think is why we reach out to even that which may appear not to be the most favorable for us… we all want to fix what is broken so that we may be released.


Jenny Wickman

Asana Teacher & Naturopath

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