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Yoga Teacher Training Rishikesh India"Three things cannot be long hidden; the sun, the moon and the truth."- Buddha


The ancient Egyptians worshipped the sun in the name of the god Amun or Ra. The ancient Aztecs, Mayans and Zapotecs even sacrificed humans to their Sun God and in Scandinavia, during the Bronze Age, sun worship was practiced as well. In fact the celebration of Midsummer in Sweden is an ancient pagan ritual, devoted to the sun and still practiced - although its origin is long forgotten. In astrology, the sun plays a dominant role in your birth chart and is said to have formed your personality according to its position. To sum it up; all ancient civilizations seem to have understood the importance and power of the sun, but perhaps it is not until now that we can understand why it affects us so much? What is the sun? Our sun, which warms us and lets our crops grow and which we could not survive one single hour without? It is a cluster of unbelievably hot hydrogen and helium, the size of one million Earths, crossed with a layer of unstable magnetic field. Little is this ball of fire affected by rituals, prayers and sacrifices... but as it turns out, it affects us far more than we could ever have imagined!     


Ninety years ago, a young Belarusian scientist named Alexander Chizhevsky was mocked by the whole of the Russian court for his theories on how dramatic events (wars, revolutions, plagues etc.) in human history were in fact caused by the electromagnetic activity of the sun. Indeed an outrageous thought in the beginning of the 20th century! He was ridiculed as the and fell out of favor, becoming the laughing stock of the Russian nobility. But as it turns out, Chizhevsky was not a fool but way ahead of his time.


More and more research are proving the influence of the sun on both our behavior and biology. The activity of the sun, especially during the waxing stage of the sun spots, are causing massive geomagnetic storms in space, which in turn impacts the Earth’s magnetic field… which in turn affects us! Up until recently, scientists have believed the electromagnetic field of Earth, which is weaker than an ordinary horse shoe-shaped school magnet!) to be too weak to affect the human body - particularly since we are constantly exposed to much stronger unnatural radiation from cellphones, satellites, computers etc. However, it seems  all living things are receptive to natural geomagnetic and electromagnetic fields in cosmos, i.e we can run but not hide. These fields, the storms and phases have profound effects on all cellular processes in the human body - especially on the heart and brain!


We all experience fluctuations in our mood as well as how we feel physically during life, but most often we tend to think that ”it's just one of those days” or we try to find the reason in our relationships, our work, the weather etc. But what if we in fact are being more or less manipulated by what happens on the sun? Electromagnetic storms affecting the hearts and brains of humans and animals on planet Earth? It has been discovered that the organ most affected is the heart and during increased geomagnetic activity the blood actually gets twice as thick and the bloodstream slows down, which can cause a heart attack and not surprisingly are there more heart attacks noted during increased solar cycle geomagnetic activity! 


But that’s not all; there’s also a noticeable effect on the nervous system, with over-excitement of certain parts of the autonomic nervous system and less activity in other areas. During electromagnetic storms, the number of patients hospitalized for psychiatric and nervous conditions peak, as do the number of suicides. Isn't that interesting? There also seems to be a connection between increased solar activity and sudden death from epilepsy and sudden infant death – even the number of traffic accidents, violence and terrorism increase! Our mood becomes darker, we tend to be more pessimistic and more violent when the geomagnetic activity on the sun increases. Women, apparently more sensitive emotionally to solar activity  are more likely to commit suicide during periods of strong solar flares/winds. Even the stock market is affected, as statistics show that people tend to sell off stock during solar storms which could be explained by a general feeling of pessimism and discomfort, misinterpreted by the brain.


This is of course just the dawn of understanding on how we are interconnected with the universe and how nothing exists independently. If this is the effect of the sun on us, then we are surely affected by the moon (okay we already know that, but to what extent?) and other celestial objects as well… Astrologists have of course claimed this for millenniums, but haven't really been able to explain it scientifically. What else is out there? Is our ability to be affected unlimited and non-dependent on time and distance? Are we affected by other solar systems? Other galaxies? The possibilities are endless! I find the time we live in to be so exciting… it is as if the wizard’s tricks are being revealed, one after the other and maybe… maybe… the coming generations will have a greater sense of belonging and interconnection than humanity has had so far? 


Jenny Wickman
Asana Teacher & Naturopath

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