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Yoga Teacher Training IndiaSomething that keeps puzzling me is that at (least in the west) physical death is treated as a possibility; something that may happen if we're extremely unlucky, if we don't keep your blood pressure in check, eat enough vegetables and exercise three times a week. Or if we're stupid enough to drink and drive, bicycle without a helmet, walk down a dark alley at 2 am or drive faster than the speed limit. Then death may happen, otherwise it is simply unfair.
People express shock by the "sudden death" of elders who are almost a century old, claiming "she went before her time had come"... bizarre, isn't it?

We are in great fear, a fear which is constantly creating a culturally supported ignorance regarding the topic of death. The truth of the matter is this: whether you eat enough vegetables or drive carefully, death will still come and get you - it's part of the deal! We are not meant to be physically eternal. Nothing in nature is and we are not the exception to the rule.

We will never transcend anything unless we become acquainted with death. We will not know life unless we embrace death. It doesn't matter whether it happens tomorrow or seventy years from now... Mother Earth will claim back every atom of your body... you will get to keep nothing
I look down at my fingers as they move across the keypad. I'm in my early thirties and my hands look mature. They're neither the hands of a youth nor of an old woman... but I'm just borrowing these! Wrinkled or smooth, one day the bones, the flesh, the blood, the skin... everything will dissolve, either in the fire or in the soil.

Your physical body will die. This is an absolute certainty and not up for any negotiation. Your most beloved will also die. Look into your lover's eyes, touch his skin, feel his scent... and accept that he will be gone and keep this understanding within you at all times. That which is will pass...This moment will become the past.

And when we understand this, then there's no time to lose... then we become passionate about how to spend our life, how to live. Suddenly, life has a certain importance to it which it hadn't before. The past years it has become important to me that I spend my time correctly, while before it wasn't. Before, I thought I had time to waste and now I know that I haven't; that to reach where I want to reach every minute is of importance and a human life seems all too short.

But as important as it is to realize our mortality, so it is to realize our immortality. It's not possible to be at ease with death as long as we keep on nourishing our attachments, whether to our own thoughts and emotions or to others.

That's why in yoga we're taught detachment. It is not to make yogis emotionally crippled, but so that we will grow emotionally mature enough to accept the conditions of life, to accept things as what they are and let go of that which needs to... that detachment is the only freedom there is and opposite to what one may believe, it make you more loving, more accepting.

For me personally, this has been one of the most liberating realizations on my journey. To gracefully accept that I will die and that my loved ones will one day no longer be with me, nor I with them. That the house I live in will have other people living there and my personal universe will dissolve, just like others before me have and like I probably have done thousands of time on my karmic journey of birth and death...

When I was younger, I would burst into tears by the mere thought of someone I loved dying... it created absolute panic in me, because I had not accepted my own mortality, so how could I accept another's? It was not possible. Become friends with death... because strange as it may be; nothing ever really dies anyway. Quantum physics have already established that energy never disappears, it just takes on another form, a new birth.

Aum shanti...


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