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Four Effective Yoga Tips To Apply In 2015

American yoga teacher and author Richard Hittleman once said, “The yogi will tell you that you feel and look as young as your spine is elastic.”  

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With the fast paced modern world we live in, it’s difficult to find quality time for ourselves, especially when you’re busy working your way to the top of the career ladder. However, no matter how busy we should be, it’s highly important to spend some quality time with ourselves by taking out stress on a daily basis. Various  studies have proven that stress affects a person’s health which can lead to heart diseases and even death. Thus, in 2015, start a new by adding a little TLC (tender loving care) for yourselves through yoga. In this post, we’ll give you four effective tips that you can include in your meditations next year. 
1. Understanding the real meaning of yoga 
In order to successfully perform yoga, you must understand the purpose and meaning of it for yourself and your well-being. “All yoga students are taught that yoga means union,”Jenny Wickman wrote in her ‘Yoga & Quantum Physics’ article. Complete meditation means uniting and controlling yourself (mind, consciousness, and body) by bringing all these parts together to work on its own. You must understand that each one is independent from the other, but through meditation, these three work together and complete your state of mind and body.  
2. Joining a meditation group 
Turn your meditation session into an exciting one by doing it along with a group of people who also have the same passion – getting a stress-free life. There are different types of groups you can join, there are some that mixes men and women, while there are others that are more focused on specific gender only. In the United Kingdom, O2 through their Think Big Project created an event called ‘Meditation for Men’ which is led by writer, life coach, and comedian Emily Snee. It aims to create a safe space for men to explore the benefits of yoga and spirituality. This is similar to the trainings offered at our camp where we shape hatha yoga teachers for 200-300-500 hours in India. By joining a group that has the same passion as you, it will be more comfortable for you to perform at your best. 
3. When things fail, go back to the basic 
If you think you did your best to try a certain stunt, but always fall at the end, then the best way is to go back to the basic of taking ujjai breaths (long breaths). During your initial practice, this was the first step taught to you by your teacher, and you shouldn’t take that for granted. By taking ujjai breaths, you’re helping your body and mind to relax, concentrate on your goal, and maintain certain posture. Tip: Stretch your muscles further by taking long breaths, then rest by doing an asana (firm, relaxed seating position) to feel the complete stretch. 
4. Apply yoga on and off the mat 
You may start learning meditation while on the mat, but it doesn’t stop there. Applying the steps you learn, especially stretching and meditation positions, in your daily life at home or at work will help you in the long run. If you want to get something off the table, stretch your arm and hand. When you have an extra minute to spare on your short break, take time to do ujjai breaths while in your office chair. Remember that yoga is a way of life, and not as a mere exercise, so extend your yoga learnings to your daily activities. 
Overall, we believe that it’s best to respect your boundaries. Always love your body and respect its limitations. Never compare yourself with other people in terms of achievements in stunts or power. The main rule in yoga is to remain comfortable and stable by doing as much as you can without overdoing and pushing yourself too hard. 

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