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What if everything was a dream? Is a dream? What if every second of all the moments up until now was only a dream? 
This is one of the meditation techniques in Vigyan Bhairav Tantra. Detachment from past and from future. It sounds so easy, doesn’t it? Being in the present, detaching from the past… but it may be one of the hardest things; to let go. Not supressing, because memories are what makes life utterly amazing and entertaining… but being able to look back without being identified with whatever happened to you.

Unidentified with the pain, unidentified with the pleasure. Merely observing, remembering and accepting without any  identification, just as when you are watching a movie… you are crying and laughing when the actors do, fully enjoying it… but you are very much aware that you yourself are not in it. If you start thinking you are in the movie it is certainly time for a mental check up!

The past and future only exists in our minds, don’t they? We cannot bring them into reality, no matter how hard we try. We can never be anywhere else than in this moment. We can never enter the past, only remember it. We can never enter the future, only imagine it. The doors to the past and the future are forever locked for us. But this is mind… only mind. We are the prisoner and the guard at the same time because of our minds. But beyond mind everything exists in the same reality. Beyond mind we can exit the concept of time and space… but most of us are not there yet.

When I think of life I think see it as drops of sweet and golden honey that we are given one at a time. Precious drops that we so often spill or miss in our ignorance. Life gives us everything and only asks for one thing in return: our attention. And yet that is so difficult for us to give. If our attention is not here in this moment, however boring or frightening it may be, then we have missed a drop given to us by the mercy of the creator and every drop is precious.

This is easy when we are happy. When we are in love, being in the present is a cakewalk, isn’t it?! But when we find ourselves in less amusing situations, keeping the focus is as easy as catching air with our bare hands, isn’t it?! We compulsively sneak back to a happier memory or imagine how we would like tomorrow to be better than today, but like Osho says: “Don’t worry about tomorrow. If tomorrow comes, you will be there.” and if we’re not there to see tomorrow then we surely don’t need to worry about it. The path of spirituality is like dancing on a thin line between complete attention and complete detachment and at the same time it’s only when we are completely detached from our own concepts, ideas and egos that we can be 100% attentive. 

I’m looking around. Heavy flakes of snow is slowly falling outside from a gray sky. At some places in northern Sweden the temperature has dropped to minus 42 degrees Celsius. My desk is filled with papers and magazines, empty tea cups and a few books. It’s a little bit chilly inside and in all honesty I don’t feel blissfully ecstatic at all. So how do I gather the focus to stay in this boring moment (a quite frankly, pretty dull moment?) Only through attention. Only by really becoming one with that dullness, without trying to change it but completely accepting it.

The memories of past, better moments are seductively compelling me to leave the present and waste it on remembering the past. Well actually, anything is better than this moment and yet… this is all that exists, the only place I can be. This is the disguised drop of sweet golden honey of “Now”. This is the only reality and in the next moment this current one will have become the past and the future moment will have become the present. I try to remember that in this mind-created dream that we call life, the creator has brought forth both sunshine and rain, darkness and light, pleasure and pain for us to experience and evolve through. 


Jenny Kristina

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