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Are you worthy of your humanity? Because let's face it; residing at the top of the foodchain on planet earth is something you take for granted, isn't it? You were born into superiority and you never ever question it. But what if your humanity was taken away from you, unless you managed it properly?

As I see it, human life is wasted on you unless spiritual growth is the priority of your life. And it's a choice you make because you're not born spiritual; you are born with the potential and you have to make the choice yourself, no one can force you into it. One can be forced into a religion but not into spirituality!

The tragedy of this is that the Existence is giving life to so many human beings who may as well have been born as donkeys or monkey. No, I'm not trying to be funny here! Seriously... if your life is just about food, sleep, procreation and emptying your bowels then what is the difference between you and a monkey? You may argue that you are capable of intellectual and emotional depth that donkeys are not, but for what use?
Does this mean that either we all become Buddhas or we can all go to hell? Definitely not. It just means that we need to live with awareness each moment and this awareness is like raindrops on barren soil... slowly with time, the seeds will become nourished enough to grow.

If you are anything like me, having a mind which is used to spinning all the time, then I find practicing awareness and thereby killing the mind is a great way of watering the inner seeds of spiritual growth. Whatever you do, be aware...don't just do it! If you're drinking a cup of chai, be completely aware of everything concerning that chai. Be aware of the temperature, the taste, the sweetness, the subtle bitterness, the fragrance, the sensation of the glass held by your fingers... If you are with your lover, be completely present in that moment, aware of everything about him or her and suddenly the experience will be tremendous. If it is raining, don't run for the umbrella, but experience the rain completely and the experience will become joyous (excellent exercise in northern Europe, I can assure you that!).

Perhaps this makes it sound as if life is all about sensory pleasures and that is of course not the point... It is just that without awareness your body is just a body. Bones, muscles, tissue, blood, nerves and skin...but with awareness the body becomes an open door to spiritual awareness. A tool to be used, sometimes through discipline, sometimes through pleasure.

Before I left for India again, I was teaching physical awareness on my Sunday meditation class in Sweden. I was asking my students to lie down in Shavasana and become aware of the breathing. After some time I asked them to silently make statements, true and false and observe the changing in breath when a true statement was presented versus when a false statement was presented. They could all feel the difference... When a true statement was presented the breath became deep and relaxed, but when a false statement was presented the breathing became slightly strained and shallow - tightening at the solar plexus area. I discovered this some time ago myself when I couldn't find my crystal pendulum and decided to ask my body instead... and it answered. Or rather; I was for the first time aware of its answer. The body didn't just start answering me; it has faithfully done so for 33 years now, but before I just wasn't aware enough to pay attention to it! 

If this year you will make any promise, let it be that the Existence didn't waste humanity on you, that you are worthy of this immense gift. That you may not as well have been born a monkey or a donkey... Sadhguru (Jaggi Vasudev) says that being spiritual is not about becoming a superhuman with extraordinary powers... it is only realizing that being human is super!

Jenny Kristina

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