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ResurrectionOne year ago, a young woman crashes with her car in Denmark and is severely wounded. Three days after the accident, the doctors informed the family of that her brain was so damaged that if she ever woke up she would be in the state of a vegetable. This raised the question of donating her organs after her passing and the family agreed. At this point the doctors stopped giving her medication and stopped the brain drainage. The respirator was shut off and the family started preparing for her funeral. Now, take a moment to imagine the situation… your daughter/girlfriend/sister/friend… all the thoughts, the terrible decision to make, the grief and sorrow.

But the young woman didn’t die – instead she started to stir, making small movements which gave the doctors hope and they put her back on medication. Judged to become a vegetable she is now, one year later, almost back to normal. Social interactions are still difficult for her and her short term memory is quite bad… but she’s alive. I've always said to my family that if I end up in an accident that most likely will leave me weirder than I already am, they must unplug me and leave me to reincarnate to a healthy body. But how much can be predicted about a person whose consciousness returns? The prediction for the Danish woman was obviously not that accurate...

What went through my mind when I read about this was that perhaps we are too quick to die? Perhaps resurrection is not a miracle but an option we always have? My friend and teacher often talks about a yogi who has stopped his heart for several minutes and returned to life and this has been scientifically proved. Are we too quick to bury or burn people? Do we always have the choice of returning, even to a broken, wounded body? Is death actually a choice? And if it is a choice, then why do some people return and some don’t? We have all heard stories about near-to-death-experiences, the light at the end of the tunnel, angels, being greeted by family members etc. But what is pulling you towards the light and what is it that makes you reject the light and smash your spirit back into a wounded body again? They say that the hearing is what leaves the body last and that is why it is important to keep talking to a person in coma, willing the spirit back.

The Danish woman is certainly not unique… ”Miracles” like these happen all over the world in different hospitals, every day. But do they then qualify as miracles or is it perhaps something natural, that we have yet not understood? An ability to leave and return to the body as we please (quite an unattractive option though, if your body has already been burnt or buried!)? Among spiritual and religious people, there is often the idea that the spirit leaves the physical body because it has completed its task on earth and is ready to return to the light. That thought is easy to accept when it comes to elder people, but what about children and youths? These returns seem to happen randomly as well and not just to spiritually trained yogis and advanced practitioners.

People have been known to awaken after being in coma for a week, a month, a year, ten years, thirty years… how can we ever know when death is final? And is death ever final? I guess in the cases when there actually is no body to return to, one may safely say that the spirit has little chance of returning… but maybe as long as there is a body there is hope and we shouldn’t be too quick to die... or judge others as dead?


Jenny Wickman
Yoga Teacher & Nutritional Therapist

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