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Yoga Teacher Training IndiaWhat is the key to having a miraculous life? A life where we are constantly surprised by unexpected positive events or experiences? Miracles happen all the time, all over the world to every one of us, almost on a daily basis. There’s really nothing extraordinary about miracles, it just about whether we notice them or not. Whether we allow our mind to see the natural becoming supernatural and the supernatural becoming natural.

It is in our mind that we determine what we should focus upon and what our attitude to what this life experience should be. We can choose to be tough to impress or we can seek out miraculous moments. How we see life and our perceptions is entirely outsourced to our mind.


One of my vows this year is to start seeing the little things and work on my patience. I move fast and I like grand gestures, but that kind of mindset leaves little room for miracles. How often does the ocean part for you or a thundering voice speaks to you from the sky? Personally, I’m still waiting for that to happen and feeling quite pessimistic about it happening in this lifetime… So, to get a miraculous life I need to change my mind-set and start paying attention to the little things around me. A seed growing into a flower, an exquisite dish made from simple ingredients, an authentic moment with a friend, sharing thoughts, dreams and fears… These are actually more interesting and rewarding miracles than burning bushes or parting oceans, don’t you agree?


But we tend to dismiss the little miracles and frantically search for the big ones, because our whole society is size-oriented and we think ”the bigger the better”, right? If you contemplate the design of a water molecule, a snowflake, the petals of a flower or the feathers of a peacock, then life is flowing over with miracles. But even in the spiritual society there’s an unhealthy focus on grandeur, on big gestures. The bigger séances the better, getting someone out of a wheelchair or making a blind person see is what we agree on is miraculous… we like it BIG. But what of the rest?

But this is not the way to a miraculous life! A miraculous life demands two things; that you are 100one hundred percent in the present moment (because that is the Kingdom of Happiness) and second; that you pay attention to the details, to the little things.


Personally and honestly; I’m not there yet, but I’m striving to get there. Every day, I try to remind myself of feeling gratitude for little things, of taking time to really look attentively at a flower, appreciate its exquisiteness, or try to imagine the history behind the cup of tea I’m having. How did it reach me? Who were involved in its making? Where did it grow? What did the soil smell like and is there still a trace of it? That brings sacredness to everyday life in an extraordinary way, although it is admittingly difficult to keep the attention for more than a few moments each day!


Most miracles occur between people, in authentic meetings between two spirits. Sharing is always mystical and miraculous, whether you are sharing mind, heart or physical bliss. Why do we share with some and not with others? Why do we trust one person but not the other? What does the small miracles taking place in a real moment look like? When I get too winded up, I try to imagine today as being my last day. If it were, would I be in a hurry or would I take time to marvel one last time? We never know when the doors will close behind us, so maybe the best thing we can do is dream as if we would live forever but live as if we would die tomorrow.


/Jenny Wickman

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Comment by Treetop Yoga International on April 13, 2013 at 5:00am

Beautifully written and expressed.  This in fact is a 'small' miracle to me presently, as it mirrors and therefore affirms my own personal and current process.  Everything has moved fast for me in the past and slowing down so as to 'see', is a daily reminder for me.  The details presented in each present moment, if paid attention to, open doors to truths and beauty.  Joy to You Always


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