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Yoga Teacher Training India RishikeshLiving in India, one soon gets accustomed to beggars and somehow Rishikesh wouldn't be the same without them. As a foreigner, one is often warned that people are interacting with you because they somehow want money from you and it is true that at the bottom of most chais lie some sort of proposal, either blunt or subtle. But what has started to intrigue me is why we are so sensitive to it? When people ask us for money, whether 10 rupees or 1000 rupees, we react as if they’re asking us for all our savings and all our future income! We get almost offended when being asked for money, as if we are profoundly insulted by the very question. We react as if we’ve been asked something extremely intimate or completely inappropriate… when it’s just money


Money is related to the second chakra, which is a very expensive chakra to keep balanced. Many people, regardless of nationality, have issues with second chakra energies such as power, money and sex. Due to this, many experience a sensation of being more or less robbed when strangers ask for money – because they don’t have sufficient 2nd chakra energy! People here are generally poor… they may have families, love, children etc. but what they lack is money and so they ask for it to be provided to them. Nothing more than that.


During a period here, I refused to give any beggars any money. I didn’t even look at them, because it made me so profoundly uncomfortable and I couldn't out my finger on why? But I decided I wouldn’t give anything to anyone until I had found out about this energetic exchange brought on this discomfort. A week ago on the road to Ram Jhula, I was chewing on my favorite snack; a split cucumber with lime and salt. The sun was shining, monkeys were playing and I cheerfully walked down the road, dodging for the taxi jeeps and listening to music. I walked pass a beggar, an old man who always sits with his hand out in what seems to be his eternal mudra. I glanced and walked by, ignoring his gesture and (yes, I’m embarrassed to admit this) felt a slight feeling of undefined irritation.


After maybe fifty meters a young cow came walking towards me, looking at me with her beautiful big eyes and making it obvious she wanted a piece of my cucumber. Without hesitation I caressed her forehead and gave her half my snack when it suddenly struck me: ”What the h* did I just do?!”. I had cold-heartedly walked pass an old man begging for money, but not hesitated to share my cucumber with a cow. That moment was transformative for me personally! I stopped, turned around and walked back to the man - feeling ashamed in front of this beggar. As I handed him 100 rupees, I promised myself to start giving something to at least one beggar a day. Not just for their sake, but for my own.


Learning to separate from money without a feeling of dis-empowerment or of being left vulnerable is actually a very efficient way of recharging your second chakra. Every beggar you pass could therefore be considered a second chakra recharge opportunity! When you shift perspective and start seeing the world with symbolic or energetic sight, it is beautiful and amazing and all of a sudden everything makes sense. The other day, my friend shrugged and said: ”There’s nothing wrong asking for money”, as we were talking about someone and his potential motives for this and that and I then realized that of course it isn’t. Asking for what you are missing, whether love, sex, money, a good time, a business opportunity or enlightenment is the only way of receiving it, as I wrote in in the Asking & Receiving blog post.


People, whether beggars or businessmen, are not asking for your deepest secret or for you to sell your soul to them. It’s just money, only rupees… and the energy of money needs to be in constant movement, as it works with a boomerang-movement. We need to give money to get money and the more money you give, the more second chakra power will you eventually get.  A good habit is to after a visit to the ATM, by yourself something small and cheap with a large note, so that you can always keep beggar-change in your purse as an investment in second chakra empowerment!

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