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Lately I have thought a lot about truth. I'm often being told that I am inconsistent, that I change my mind too often. For me it is perfectly natural to be ever-changing. How can I stay rigid in a life experience that is ever floating, moving like the Ganga?  How can I with my limited human understanding assume to be certain about anything? But it is clear to me that my nature occasionally causes frustration among people around me and this used to puzzle me until I realized that it is not about me but about them; a desperat longing for certainty in a life experience that is complete insecurity, total and magnificent uncertainty. Will I be here in the next moment? I can't be certain... it is likely, but not certain. Did what I remember from the past really happen or was it all created in my mind? It is probable but there is no certainty, is it? Maybe I love you today but can I promise that I will love you tomorrow? Not really because tomorrow is not here yet, so how can I answer that? Any answer would be utterly false or a mere hypothesis. Even death is not certain. It is very probable but you really don't know until you die, do you? Perhaps a miracle will happen. Only in the moment it happens can you know, isn't it? Everything else is just probable, speculative. For me truth is not about being consistent, because life is always moving, ever changing... the only constant thing is change itself! Truth is not giving you the same answer that I did yesterday or even one hour ago, but to answer in accordance to what is true in this particular moment. To always answer from an inner place of integrity and clarity. What is true for you today need not be true for you tomorrow... and that is perfectly okay. All that matters is that in this exact moment; what you speak comes out with 100% authenticity.

Another interesting things is how we somehow believe that others owe us to tell us their truth and that we owe them to tell our truth. Isn't it bizarre when you think about it? How upset we become when someone lies to us, or withholds something? We want full access, but why? Why would I have any claim to someone else's truth? Isn't that complete arrogance? His truth is a gift which I should be grateful if he decides to share with me... it is not mine to conquer or demand. But the mind needs information to calculate risk, to predict another's character, morality, habits etc. and so it wants to collect data and preferably accurate such. Up until recently I considered it more or less mandatory to always tell the truth, no matter how inconvenient. I was raised to be well-behaved and in my naivety I thought that this was a good thing... good girls don't lie, right? But then I started discovering how much trouble it got me into! I discovered that most people simply don't have caliber for truth unless it resonates with their own concepts and ideas about life, so I started questioning why at all I would bother telling the truth? The more I thought about it the more provoked I felt! We do have the right to remain silent and as Osho says: "In silence nothing wrong can ever happen." I started feeling as if people are not interested in truth at all, but obsessed with certainty... a certainty that doesn't exist, as uncertainty is the very nature of life.

Am I saying one should lie? No... in case the will to reveal your precious truth rises, then speak with 100% authenticity. But always remember your right to be silent, to withhold your truth... you don't need to flaunt it to everyone! If you neither want to lie nor reveal your truth you can play with the other person's subconscious mind with the help of symbols and archetypes. If I put a ring on my left ring finger, people will believe that I am engaged or married which the mind translates into commitment and traditional values... but really, it's just a ring, a piece of metal - isn't it? Likewise, if I wear pearl earrings I subtly transmit a message of conservative values... but funny enough they are just jewelry, aren't they? If I wear a blouse in darker shades of blue I radiate ability to be executive as well as trustworthy and confident. The way I wear my hair communicates if I'm sensuous and playful or if I'm serious and sedate. Without uttering a single word I can deceive people around me by sending information to the subconscious mind of what kind of person I am and believe it or not, they will label me. But it is up to me to influence what that label will be, depending on what I want to achieve, isn't it? What is the point I am trying to make, one may ask? My point is that your truth is yours and yours only. It is precious, like a glimmering star in the vastness of a dark sky. Save your truth for those who have enough wits to understand it. Use your right to remain silent more often and use the power of symbols for the crowd who can't handle your truth; those who really only want to feed their own illusion of a certainty that doesn't exist...

Aum shanti...

Jenny Kristina

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