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Many people go through their lives with the feeling that they are not on the right path, and that they are helpless to change it. This is not the case, as we all have the ability to alter our life paths and to live out a fulfilling and rewarding lifestyle. This is by no means an easy feat if you have financial obligations such as a mortgage or loan to repay, however this does not mean that it is not the right decision to make.If you have a passion for yoga and you feel a deep physical and spiritual connection with it, why not turn your life around and turn this passion into a career? All over the world, people are awakening to the important role that practices such as yoga can play in their lives, especially now that many have become so overworked and stressed out with the modern lifestyle. By making a positive decision, taking the leap, and becoming a yoga teacher, you could not only transform your own life, but also the lives of your future students as you embark on a new path that promotes harmony, peace and understanding of the mind body connection that is so often missing from the modern world.


Yoga Teacher Training India

Where to Begin?
If you feel as if yoga may be your true calling in life, but are just not sure how to go from a yoga lover into a full time yoga teacher, here's some advice on how to go about it. First off, you need to establish your skills and mindset in order to begin your yoga business. Although there are plenty of great yoga classes in just about every city and in many rural retreats, for a truly life changing experience, a trip abroad may be necessary. You could book onto a onto a yoga teacher training class in a nice location such as Europe, somewhere like Spain or Portugal, and you can certainly trust that you will have an amazing time. However for that once in a lifetime opportunity that will set you on a path towards true enlightenment, head to India. India is the spiritual home of yoga, and if you wish to pursue the art as a full time endeavor it is important that you make the primal connection with its roots. Taking a yoga teacher training course in India will help you to really flourish and the experience will give you increased credibility as you begin teaching. Being in India, you will be fully immersed in the yogic culture, and will be able to focus 100% on what it truly means to take this life path. Learning the traditions and philosophy behind yoga from those that have been practicing it for thousands of years will give you the understanding and confidence you require to take this home and begin your own teaching career.


What Other Skills Will I Require?
Mastering the techniques, understanding the philosophy, and gaining a deep spiritual connection with yoga is just the beginning if you wish to turn this into a career. The next stage is understanding how to go about starting your own teaching practice. There are two main ways to go about it, immersion and stage development. If you are financially stable and are in the right circumstances, you may be able to quit your current job and focus solely on opening your yoga school. This brings with it benefits and potential dangers, so a decision such as this must be carefully considered beforehand. As with any new business venture; lots of market research and financial planning is required to ensure that there are a large enough potential customers to support you in the future. If you are not in a position to leave your job right away, which most people are not, starting small and slowly expanding may be the best way to get to where you want to be. Evening and weekend classes are a great way to start your business, and once you have established a strong and reliable following, you may be able to take the leap and quit your job in the future. One way in which you can help your dream to come true is by reducing your cost of living and beginning to live a life more in tune with yogic principles. By eliminating financial pressures on yourself, and reducing your cost of living as much as possible, you will be in a better position to make the change. The new path that you follow will be immeasurably rewarding so don't give up on your dream if it is not happening as quickly as you would like, those who succeed are those who persist with a positive attitude.


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