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Yoga Teacher Training Rishikesh IndiaOne of the most interesting things to me is when ancient myths and beliefs can be explained by modern science. I know, one should believe unconditionally, but I somehow have a problem doing that. There’s always that question ”Why?” or ”How?”.  What is actually happening? One of the most exciting fields for explaining energy (one of my favorite topics) is quantum physics.

Unfortunately, I don’t have the patience nor the brains to have a career in that field and must be content with interpreting the little information I find in books, written by smarter people. All yoga students are taught that yoga means union and we accept that, but until just recently I quite honestly didn’t completely comprehend it’s true meaning.
Three revolutions have shaped the minds of the industrialized world; The Age of Enlightenment, the first Industrial Revolution and the second Industrial Revolution. Scientists like Newton and Darwin helped us cut the cord between ourselves and nature and ourselves and each other. Newton by modelling the universe as a machine, consisting of separate parts functioning independent of each other and Darwin by encouraging a modern ”us against them” mentality through his theory of the natural selection and survival of the fittest. These men were brilliant in many ways, but their theories suggested separation and individuality as the natural order, which is now proved to be the exact opposite of human nature.

As quantum physicists are now discovering; separation doesn’t exist and what more is: nothing exists (particles on quantum level) until it is being observed. Everything, all particles on quantum level remain indeterminate until our consciousness and attentions touches them, which has been proved in thousands of scientific experiments. This brings me back to a previous blog on creativity as a way of bhakti yoga and the importance of desires and that we are creators by nature. It is not spiritual poetry, but hard core quantum physics! We create and shape what we bring our attention to. We create each other by directing our attention to each other. Until we bring our attention to something, it’s just a blurry cloud of particles and completely meaningless! We, as humans, consist like everything else of these tiny, tiny particles which means that we are dependent upon the consciousness and attention from others to recreate ourselves every day. So imagine the impact of positive attention, negative attention and no attention for the very formation of the cells constructing our being?

Lovers say: ”I can’t live without you!”which is beautiful and passionate, but in the language of energy, what is being said is: ”I can’t recreate myself without the attention of your consciousness”. On quantum level, we need the consciousness, the attention from another, to go from an indetermined blur to distinctively created beings. What has this got to do with yoga, one may ask? Everything! Yoga is union but it is also a practice for improving consciousness. In yoga nidra, we bring our consciousness to different body parts; aiming to visualize the body part and feel it; bringing all our attention to for example the back of the hand, but what we are doing is an act of creation and structure. What more is… we are only potential and possibility until touched by consciousness, which means we are infinite creators of ourselves and each other. Isn’t it beautiful?

Independence is a myth. It doesn’t exist! Everything in the universe is dependent on each other in a much more intimate way than we could ever have imagined. The whole idea of separation, encouraging the primal, competitive mind is plain out wrong. It is now scientifically proven that unity is all that is… Touch me with your consciousness and I will come alive. Create me with your attention and bring me from undefined to defined. From darkness to light, from ignorance to truth… The time of the yogis is perhaps not in the past but in the future? In my last blog, Asanas & Energy Leakage, I wrote about the importance of being greedy with your energy. I also would like to point out the importance of being selective with your attention and intention, because your attention upon someone affects him/her. Your attention is a creative force, affecting your fellow being on quantum level... so make sure that your attention is positive and with loving intention.


Jenny Wickman
Asana Teacher & Nutritional Therapist

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