Yoga Teacher Training India - Reviews

Tattvaa Yogashala

I attended the 200 hr Yoga Teacher Training Course at Tattvaa through the month of November in Rishikesh India. There are many countries and cities to attend a TTC, but after my experience I could not recommend Rishikesh and Tattvaa more. There is a soul to the city that can be felt on arrival, and keeps your energy up till the end. Whether it be exploring the various markets, laying down by the Ganga River, or visiting the many ashrams, Rishikesh has a very unique spirituality that is perfect for practice. Kamal offers a very intense course which teaches you or strengthens your previous practice. Knowledge on the adjustments are second to none. Kamal has surrounded himself and the students with amazing teachers to practice other areas of yoga outside the asana’s ie. philosophy, pranayama, yoga nidra which effected me as much as the practice on the mat. All the teachers at Tattvaa are amazing, and provided me with a life changing experience. I couldn’t recommend Tattvaa more, a truly transformative experience.
Adam Binford

I consider myself being very lucky to have had a chance to study at Tattvaa Yogashala. It's hard to put into words everything I'd been through during those 500 hours of training, yet every single part of it was rather life changing. Kamal's remarkable energy, Sunil's wisdom, Upendra's serenity and Deepak's enormous patience have been very helpful in realising we all have potentials we might've forgotten about. In a very subtle way, we all got shown the way how to create our own realities free from any previous conditions. Teachers absolutely worth learning from!
Dora Šek

Yoga Teacher Training Rishikesh - Reviews

Samatva Yogalaya

My experience with Krishna and Sangita at Samatva Yogalaya was life changing. I have been a spiritual aspirant for a few years now and I was given tools by Krishna that I will use and continue to cultivate throughout the course of my entire life. Living in America, I am very aware of the lack of understanding in the yoga industry of what yoga truly is, which is: the restraint of the modifications of the mind stuff. Krishna taught us so much more than asana, he taught us how to live a spiritual life, a yogic life and how to authentically share this life with others. After spending three months with Krishna and completing my 500 hour teacher training, I am a changed person. I have been home for three weeks now and have continued the practices of asana, shat kriyas, yoga philosophy, and pranayama as taught by Krishna. I am so infinitely grateful that I was guided to this teacher training. I have not one regret. The accommodations were absolutely gorgeous and created a very safe and peaceful environment for growth, the food was healthy, pure and sattvic and the class size was small which in my opinion is best for optimal learning. When you join this teacher training, you are more than just a student, you are family. Krishna is a true yogi and an embodiment of knowledge, wisdom and purity. AUM.
Chloe Karoub

Krishna goes beyond teaching the principles of Yoga. He is not an ordinary teacher. If you want to learn what Yoga is and how to apply it into your life then you've found the right teacher. There are no misrepresentations. You will leave with the right & well rounded knowledge. I am grateful to have had the opportunity to have been his student and would do it again in a heartbeat if life would allow me to. Much Love & Truth Always
Griset Cisneros

Yoga School Rishikesh - Reviews

Om Yoga

Suryans is a wonderfull teacher, I met him few years ago in Belgium and every time he comes I learn a lot of new things especially working safely. What I love about his lessons is the different variations of classical asana he offers. He's the perfect incarnation of Sthira Sukham Asanam, a powerful and benevolent workshop. Thanks a lot Suryans
Sandra Hasson-Franco

I recently completed 200-hour teacher training at Om Yoga Rishikesh which I highly recommend. Suryans teaches Hatha yoga with an emphasis on Iyengar yoga techniques in structural alignment and positioning. I had been practising Iyengar yoga for some years and I found his teachings to be very good and beneficial. My capability to perform all asanas improved during the course with guidance to improve alignment and strength and to reduce a reliance I had on using too many props. I have a greater understanding of yoga positions and Sanskrit language now and I felt the course was transformaive not just physically, as I obtained a greater understanding of yoga philosophy also. The yoga philosophy material was very thorough and was presented simply to enable a practical understanding to apply yoga into life. The ayurveda course material was very good and we were lectured by an Ayurveda Doctor. One of the Sadhus, spiritual men in Rishikesh taught us some meditation techniques also. The yoga school is very nice and well equipped. It is situated next to a temple and hearing mantras from the temple also provides an authentic Indian Rishikesh experience. I felt the course at Om Yoga Rishikesh was very good to improve my yoga, obtain a broader understanding to the many aspects of yoga and to learn how to teach yoga.
Georgia Anne

Some of the Best Yoga Schools India - Reviews

Vishwa Shanti Yoga School

Vishwa Shanti was a great experience for me, super clean accommodations and the yoga hall was modern, clean and wet mopped daily. The school is located in the heart of Ramjhula that is a very small spiritual town with little cars and mostly temples and ashrams and lots of walking market streets. The Yoga Hall is located on the top floor of a 5 star hotel with huge glass windows on all 4 sides. The teachers were knowledgeable and really cared that I was getting the education and that I understood every detail. We had 4 teachers, Alignment, Shatkarma & Yoga, Philosophy and Anatomy. I did the 200hr and 300hr back to back so i got the 500hr education. I was surprised that not many schools provide the 300hr and hardly any of them do it back to back for the 500hr experience. I was at this same location for 8 1/2 weeks, so it was important that it was clean and healthy and then I was comfortable and confident at the location and with all the teachers. It felt more like a family then a school, like i was being homeschooled to be a master yoga instructor. For me I was not there to learn how to teach a yoga class, I was there to lean how to run a yoga school myself, how to teach others to be teachers. This is a higher level of education teaching teachers. Over all very happy and well educated from Vishwa Shanti and opening my own yoga school in Hawaii USA.
Sabrina HanaSirt

I recently completed my 200 hour teacher training course in vishwa shanti yoga school. The experience was over and above my expectations ! The teachers were kind and professional putting in their full efforts to ensure we got as much as possible out of a very short time. The accommodation and food were fantastic as was the yoga hall. All in all an amazing experience - I would highly recommend !
Ariella G

Yoga Ashram India - Reviews

Maa Yoga Ashram

I have had a wonderful stay at Maa Yoga Ashram in Rishikesh doing yoga, meditation and eating delicious healthy organic food every day. Dr Amrit Raj Kapoor is a very generous host always taking care of all his guest with love, understanding and helping out with practical and spiritual questions. Also the beautiful and very professional Aarti working in the reception is welcoming everyone with a big smile and lots of help. The meditation and yoga instructors as well as the kitchen staff and all the people working here are lovely open hearted hard working people. I have had an amazing experience with staying here and will leave with a more fulfilled soul, heart and body. Thank you for everything! Love from Lena from Norway.
Lena Kvitvik

it was such a blessing experience. I was looking for a place which would help me learn how to relax, connect to myself and relieve my body from pain in back and shoulders. Dr. Raj made sure I found recipes not only for my time spent at the ashram but also for my whole life, how to re-start as more present and connected to myself. I had a good attention to my troubles which I magically could solve only in 5 days! and very warm and welcoming atmosphere from the staff who cared about my food or attraction requests. I felt like I found my second family at this place and I am looking forward to coming back to the place which made me completely relaxed and totally different person. I had a chance to explore new experiences with the teachers whom I am sincerely thankful to. I also learned being vegan is not difficult and can be very enjoyable thanks to the kitchen guys. Papita is now my favourite thing! :) ;)
Olga B